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The aim of the Saddleworth Cheese Company is to bring you a cheese of fine provenance that will enhance the quality of the product to a degree that matches the committment of our hand making process.

sean wilsonThe very word PROVENANCE means to "Know and appreciate the origin of" and when it comes to fine cheese we need to know about its provenance to fully understand the flavours a product of fine provenance can achieve. 

LANCASHIRE CHEESE has never been very widely known outside the region. The comparatively small quantities made have always found a ready market and been largely consumed within the region. From records of the development of this cheese, it appears to have been purely a farmhouse product up the year 1913, when a small creamery opened in Chipping, a tiny idyllic village in the heart of the Trough of Bowland. The creamery system began to expand before the first world war and became well established with the introduction of the Milk Marketing Board and it spread more rapidly, leaving only a small number of farmhouse makers during the second world war.

Since those early days of Lancashire cheese making there has been a massive supermarket revolution which has saturated the market with "factory" sub standard cheese with little or no resemblance to the REAL cheese we came to know and love. There is no way on earth that these cheeses can be reproduced for the masses by these big multiples with any kind of taste quality or consistency. They have been "banged out" for too many years now and people are catching on to the supermarket behaviour pattern of "more units more profit" with little or no consideration for the REAL TASTE of the original product.  

We at Saddleworth cheese have tapped into a counter revolution of REAL FOOD lovers who will now search out the traditional makers of cheeses that are still made with the love and care to detail that was given to the cheese in those wartime beginnings. The range of Lancashire cheese lovers has broadened with this revolution and now our cheeses sell throughout the country.

sean wilsonOur range of Lancashires include Muldoons Picnic ( crumbly ), How's yer Father ( creamy ), Smelly Ha’peth and Mouth Almighty ( tasty ) which are all made with the world renowned postcode PR3 milk that has served Lancastrians this fine cheese for all those bygone years. PR3 is where all the BEST Lancashire cheeses originate and is only a stones throw away from its origin of Chipping. 

We feel that it's the TERROIR that makes this fertile postcode so milk friendly. The Trough of Bowland sits just at the side of the pennines and hosts some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. It is very well served with good rainfall from a predominantly western wind flow from the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean and the mainly limestone land brings a natural filtering of this water  which with its clean air combines to bring a fresh milk, not too fatty in consistency that makes a great farmhouse cheese. Just as the fine wine makers of Burgundy covert their slopes of TERROIR for the very same reasons. They use the natural fitering of the chalky soils and the fine balance of water and sun do the rest of the work to create some of the worlds finest tasting wines. The Trough of Bowland also has all these qualities and that is why the PR3 area is so sought after when it comes to Lancashire cheese provenance.

We stock a full range of our cheeses throughout the region and beyond.........


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