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The Saddleworth Cheese Company is committed to making handmade artisan cheese using only PR3 postcoded milk from the heart of the Trough of Bowland to form various cheese including Lancashire crumbly (Muldoons Picnic), Lancashire Creamy (Hows yer father) , Lancashire  Tasty (Mouth Almighty) and a specially formulated medium soft blue cheese (Smelly Ha'peth).

All our cheeses are suitable for vegetarians as we use only vegetarian rennets.

The aim is to stir with specially formulated cultures that connect to create a cheese that tastes like it used to taste! With traditional cutting we are preserving the all important body and character of the curd, which really does make all the difference when it comes down to true taste....REAL FOOD!

The Lancashire cheeses are all hand waxed or branded depending on size which accentuates our provincial ethic and integrity.

Muldoons Picnic

( Muldoons Picnic - A Lancashire term given to a room full of screaming kids!, “What dya think this is Muldoons Picnic?!” )

Muldoons PicnicMuldoons Picnic is our Lancashire crumbly cheese which was our first Major competition category winner in 2009 - 2013 at The British Cheese Awards. We are bringing a fully traditional hand made, artisan cheese to our range that has a fresh acidity and broad curdy creaminess to the palate, giving a pleasing aftertaste and character that you just don't find with the factory equivalent.

We are keen to bring the REAL flavour of our crumbly to you in the hope that you will enjoy it on a lovely crisp olive salad or on a fresh cut cheese sandwich with some piccalilli or simply toasted on your favourite bread which brings out the true character of the cheese as it toasts perfectly. Equally it would make a lovely talking point around a table of friends enjoying a bottle of Gerwertztraminer who’s acidity perfectly matches the acidity of our cheese.

To date Muldoons Picnic has been the judges choice as 2009 - 2013 brought a multitude of awards including A British Cheese Award, Best Cheese in Show at Bakewell including Best Crumbly and Best Farmhouse Cheese and the Silver Medal in The Chipping Show Cheese Competition. Fair praise indeed for this epitomy of English Lancashire Crumbly Cheese.


Hows yer father

Hows yer father( It's always nice to have a bit of Hows yer father !! )

Our Creamy Lancashire is called How’s yer Father and is a fine addition to our Quirkily named range of Lancashire cheeses. We have decided to use an old traditional process to create this creamy, smooth, velvety character that epitomises the REAL flavour we are so committed to at the Saddleworth Cheese Company. It has a pleasing appearance and aroma and coupled with the creaminess we think we have created a firm favourite with our customers.

How’s yer Father sells very well on the show scene and people seem to just love the name but on a more serious note we think that the TRUE taste of a proper Lancashire comes through and ultimately sells the product in the end. It eats well with a little age, maybe 6-8 weeks onwards as the flavours tend to develop with time as the cultures start to do their work and the taste has more depth and character with this aging process. We only sell our Lancashire Creamy in this aged fashion and feel that you would appreciate our efforts in this department.


Mouth Almighty

Mouth AlmightyOur Tasty Lancashire has quite a name to live up to as we have tried to bring you a full flavoured, mouth filling tasty Lancs that has the all important initial tang so sought after by cheese makers throughout the region. Hence the name Mouth Almighty! After the tang it opens up into a full flavour and unfolds into the mouth with a creaminess not too dissimilar to the How’s yer Father. There is a definite leaning toward the farmyard with the pleasing aftertaste which is still clean and fresh and although strong it is not at all overpowering as we feel we have balanced the cheese well.

We mature this Tasty for anything from 3-12 months and even beyond as the flavours just carries on developing with the steady passage of time. We have not entered the cheese into any awards yet but we feel that this cheese could do very well in that forum and have high hopes for the shows next year. If a stronger cheese is your thing then the character of this Tasty could just be what you are looking for.


Smelly Ha'peth

( Smelly Ha'peth - A child covered in muck after a full days play is a Smelly Ha'peth )

Smelly Ha'pethWe are very proud to offer our flagship blue veined cheese Smelly Ha'peth to our range as this recipe has taken a lot of time and effort to produce and has been the baby of the company for some time now. We have tried to make a medium soft cheese with a mild, sweet, nuttiness of a more continental theme. We want you to be able to “search” for these flavours in your mouth and couple that with the delicate soft creaminess and a beautifully aged exterior and you have a cheese of distinction. We have been keen to follow the mellow sweetness of a Gorgonzola Dolce with it’s sweet nutty character.

Also we have endeavoured to form a consistency that will suit consumer and retailer alike, giving a good flavour life and shelf life respectively. We can make a good consistent blue cheese and we are very proud to say so as we feel that we have produced a British medium soft blue that you normally only find on the continental stand at you local delicatessen. The cheese is fully blued throughout and would be a fine addition to any selection for a fine dining cheeseboard. A full boded red wine would partner this cheese perfectly and would be a great present for any blue cheese lover!



We stock a full range of our cheeses throughout the region and beyond and have taken great care in trying to reach most people, most of the time. Our aim is to stock at good deli’s and farm shops across the region as well as a few market stalls as we want everyone to have a chance to buy our cheese. We stock from as far south as Devon and Wiltshire as well as Norwich and North Norfolk and as far North as Penrith and all these companies have been happy to take and provide our hand made cheeses.

We will be selling our Muldoons Picnic and Smelly Ha'peth cheeses at Booth’s family owned supermarkets throughout the region from the end of October and will be supplying Waitrose on a regional feature basis from January 2010 and they are also on sale at Harvey Nichols in Manchester.

We stock a full range of our cheeses throughout the region and beyond.........


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