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We are keen to know our customers and where all our ranges are available from. In the meantime we thank for visiting is and if we have whetted your appetit you are invited to leave your details when contacting us.
We stock a full range of our cheeses throughout the region and beyond and have taken great care in trying to reach most people, most of the time. Our aim is to stock at good deli's and farm shops across the region as well as a few market stalls as we want everyone to have a chance to buy our cheese. We stock from as far South Devon and Wiltshire as well as Norwich and North Norfolk and as far North as Penrith and all these companies have been happy to take and provide our hand made cheeses.

We will be selling our Muldoons Picnic and Smelly Ha'peth cheeses at Booth’s family owned supermarkets throughout the region from the end of October and will be supplying Waitrose on a regional feature basis from January 2010 and they are also on sale at Harvey Nichols in Manchester.


If you stock our cheese we would love to hear from you, to include your details on this page.

Please complete the form below and tell us which cheese you stock from our range.

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The Saddleworth Cheese Co will not share your submitted details with any outside companies and we respect your privacy.

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